Bible Hour


The Book of Revelation
Jun 5 – Aug 14

9:15a or 12:15p 


RevelationThe Apocalypse, the End of the World!  How will it happen? Who will end it?  What will be the final outcome?  Is there anyone coming to save us or is it up to us to defeat evil?  Lots of questions and many opinions out there in the form of movies about the future and what it may look like.  Most predictions are pretty dark.  People are quite pessimistic about the future. 

As Christians do we share in this outlook?  How are we to view the future?  What does the Bible say about the Apocalypse?  Should I be afraid?  Should I build a bunker and wait it out in fear?  According to the Bible how will the world end? Who will end it?  When will it end and how should I feel about it? 

The answer to these questions are in the Book of Revelation but it’s message in encoded, intentionally.  We will learn why it was written in code and spin out the information it provides us on the topic of the End of the World once the code is understood.  It’s going to be a great study and one I think you will enjoy.  You’ll no longer avoid the book and the outlook you get will provide for you a great optimism and eager expectation for the future.  

Signups continue this Sunday. If you have been thinking:  “I’m taking that class!”  But haven’t signed up please don’t wait. I’d hate for you to miss out on the elective!  It’s for all ages – Jr. High and up.  So youth and college students this is a class for you too! 

To prepare for the experience I encourage you (After you sign up – of course) is to read the book and write down your questions. We have sated the elective for 11 weeks. We will take one week off for the VBS Kick-Off Party.  You don’t want to miss that!  We may be able to get through the book in good detail before August 14th but that will depend on the discussion and amount of questions.  The guide is very short but very helpful. The DVD presentation is not snazzy but the speaker is one of the most respected Biblical scholars of our day. Don’t worry – he doesn’t talk over your head. He brings it down for to earth so new believers can understand the message.

It’s going to be a fun time. Lots of learning, much encouragement and a joyous outlook on the future will be the fruit of your experience with the profound and prophetic book!


To register email: and note your choice of 9:15am or 12:15pm session. 


This week is the last week to register and the elective and participant’s guide is free!  The community is welcome and inviting friends is always encouraged!