Bible Study Series

HELPING SKILLS 101, Mar. 4-Apr. 8, 2018
Examine the Gospels to see how Jesus cared for others. Learn the five things He did that we can follow to help us be more deeply and redemptively caring. Sundays, 9:15a-10:25a, Rm #202.
Contact: Pastor Richard

APOLOGETICS 201, Feb. 25-Mar. 25, 2018
A continuation of the Apologetics 101 study series. This week’s topic centers on the singular Lordship of Jesus and how it offends non-believers. The secular push-back against Christianity is that all religions arrive at the same goal – Heaven. We’ll discuss this belief and offer responses. Sundays, 12:30p-2:30p in Rm #202. Lunch provided. 
Contact: Pastor Richard



SOUL KEEPING, Jan. 14-Feb. 25, 2018
We’re exploring the soul – what it is and how to care for yours. Your soul’s best resting place is in God, make this concept a reality in your daily life with this new Bible Study series. Sundays from 9:15a-10:25a, Rm #202.

NEW MEMBERS CLASS, Jan. 14 & 21 , 2018
Interested in formally joining the Journey family? Gain a deeper understanding of our history, ministry, beliefs, and why it’s vital to one’s faith to join a local church. Sunday, 12:30p-2p. Rm #202. Lunch and childcare provided.

ISRAEL’S MISSION, Nov. 5-26, 2017
Experience the Bible within its historic context. This study walks you through the “Priesthood of All Believers” doctrine and God’s plan for Israel to become a kingdom of priests in a materialistic world. Sundays, 9:15a-10:25a, Rm #202.

APOLOGETICS 101, Nov. 5-26, 2017
Better understand and express your faith in Christ. This study takes aim at the intellectual questions that block an open heart to the Gospel. The first of a rigorous two-part series equipping you to “…give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)  Sundays, 12:30p-2:30p, Rm #202, lunch provided.