youth director

Director of Youth Ministries (9.21.17)

Journey Evangelical Church

General Description: The Director of Youth Ministries is responsible for guiding and developing the youth ministries of Journey Evangelical Church. This includes overall programming, Youth Ministry Team leadership development and training, and strategic planning in support of the mission of Journey Evangelical Church.

Job Details:

  1. Title: Director of Youth Ministries
  2. Ministry: Journey Youth Ministries
  3. Hours: 20 per week
  4. Pay: $20 +/-
  5. Supervisor: Next Gen Pastor

Essential Functions:

  1. Guide the YMT leadership in development of the vision of Journey Youth Ministries.
  2. Train and mentor YMT leaders, with monthly individual check-ins with each YMT leader.
  3. Oversee planning of weekly Youth fellowship meetings, Sunday Bible Study and special events.
  4. Be present and involved in Youth fellowship meetings and special events.
  5. Be available for pastoral support for students in Journey Youth Ministry.
  6. Partner with the families of the youth through weekly communication, quarterly parents meetings, and personal visits.
  7. Collaborate with the other ministries of Journey Evangelical Church.
  8. Meet monthly with ministry supervisor.
  9. Attend staff meetings as available.


  1. Bachelor’s degree relevant to youth ministry.
  2. Prior experience in youth ministry.
  3. The attitude of team player.
  4. Attendance at Journey Evangelical Church.
  5. Adherence to Journey’s Leadership Covenant and ECO’s Essential Tenets.

Journey Evangelical Church, 714.893.5500 Ext. 3#
14614 Magnolia Street, Westminster, CA 92683