Youth Ministries

We’re students becoming disciples of Jesus to share the Good News in our community. We meet Friday nights at 7:30pm, Sundays at 9:15am, and enjoy retreats and outings throughout the year. Come join us!

Recent Posts:

Dinner and a Movie

Hey everyone! For life groups this Friday we’re preparing dinner, then watching a movie outdoors! We will be making our own spring rolls, followed by a viewing of The Incredibles! It might be a bit chilly, so feel free to bring blankets or your favorite lawnchair for the church lawn.

Entering the Exodus.

Hey everyone! Do you ever feel like God’s asking you to do something bigger than what you’re capable of doing? Have you ever felt lost as you try to follow Him? This Friday we are beginning a fresh new series on the Exodus. We’ll be learning together how to follow God when He leads us places we never planned to go.

May the Fourth be with You

Hey everyone! This Friday we are having Fourth Night! It’s like Third Night, but on May 4. We will be staying at Journey until 8am on Saturday! This will be a Star Wars themed evening of fun, friends, food, and the force. See you Friday!

What’s God been up to?

Hey everyone! This Friday our group is going to ask the question: What has God been doing in your life? We’ll have some time for large group sharing as we hear about the lessons God has been showing us. Next Friday, May 4th we are having Fourth Night! This will be a Starwars-themed overnighter from 6:30pm to 8am the next day. Stay turned for more info!

Let’s chat with a scientist

This Friday night we’ll be joined by Dr. Moon Lee, a scientist and church leader at Journey. Dr. Lee has a PhD. in microbiology and is currently a biomedical researcher and university lecturer. He is also one of our elders here at Journey! Join us tomorrow night at 7pm as we chat about how faith and science interact in the real world.

Faith and Science: Resurrection

Should the modern scientific mind believe that Jesus rose from the dead? How can we explain this to our friends? Does belief in the resurrection make sense? Join us this Friday as we explore evidences and alternative theories of the resurrection of Jesus.

Remembering the death of Christ

This Friday we will be joining with our entire church to observe Good Friday. Join us at 7:30pm in Journey’s sanctuary for a night of worship, Scripture, and reflection.

Faith and Science

This Friday we’re starting a new series on faith and science. As I let God take over my mind, does this mean that I throw science and reason out the window? Can I believe in Jesus and also be intellectually responsible? Join us this Friday as we discuss together belief in God in a world of science.

Letting God’s Truth Take Over

Hey everyone! This Friday we taking a look at how a starving and broken-down Jesus used God’s truth to resist Satan’s lies. See you at 6:30 for dinner!

That other big cat movie.

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re having a movie night for life groups! We’ll be watching… The Lion King! See you at 6:30 for dinner.