Youth Ministries

We’re students becoming disciples of Jesus to better share the Good News in our community. We meet Friday nights at 7:30p, Sundays at 9:15am, and enjoy retreats and outings throughout the year. Come join us!

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Baby Shower and Forest Home info!

Party time! Hi everyone! This Friday is we’ll be having a baby shower for Victoria Siu! Join us at 6:30pm for food, fun, and fellowship. See you there. – Elliott PS: T-shirts have arrived! $12 gets you some new soft swag. FOREST HOME INFO! We will be eating lunch at Journey after church this Sunday, and heading up to Forest Home. Be sure to arrive by 12pm. We should be back at Journey on Friday August 4 around 3pm. JRHI, your color is RED. Bring red accessories. High School, your color is SILVER! Bring silver/grey accessories. Also, your dinner theme will be the Roaring 20’s. Parents! You can keep track of the fun using the Forest Home App. It’s only for IOS (Apple), so be sure to pester Forest Home about making one for Android. Also! Students will not be able to use their phones during camp and most of us won’t have reception anyway, so if you must contact your student you can call Forest Home. 909.389.2300 Pack: Sleeping bag Clothes that could be potentially ruined Good shoes for the mountains Swim suit Sunscreen Pillow Towel Bible Pen Sandals Clothes Toiletries A bit of cash for lunch on the way back ($7)

Grand Ten IV: The Sabbath

This week we’re continuing our adventures in the Ten Commandments! We’ve discovered that anytime God asks us to do something, it’s for our benefit. So what about the Sabbath? Is it possible for us to take an entire day away from school and work? Are our lives going to implode into a burning heap of failure if we spend time with God instead of things we’re graded on? Find out this Friday as we study the Sabbath together.

Life Groups!

Hi everyone! This Friday we’re having life groups. That means that the groups will be meeting at special times and locations to hangout and bond away from the usual Friday night crowds. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends to an informal setting for friendships and impromptu spiritual conversations. The ladies will be hanging out at Emily’s house, and the guys will be cooking food at Journey. You’ll receive an email shortly from your small group leader, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hunger Games nerf night

Next week we’re continuing our Grand Ten series. This week is an outreach event! Bring your friends and your nerf guns. This is a completely student led event, and it’s gonna be a ton of fun.

Grand Ten II: The Idol Factory.

This Friday we’re experiencing Grand Ten II: The Idol Factory. After discovering together how nothing we worship can satisfy us except for God, we’re going to journey into the mystery of the human heart. What gods do we make for ourselves? Why do we do it? See you this Friday as Andrew helps us solve the riddle of our hidden idol factory.

Life Groups

This Friday we’re having a combined Life Groups and watching Toy Story! Join us at 6:30 for dinner, with the movie starting around 7pm. Bring some friends for this fun night! 

The Grand Ten

This Friday we’re starting a new series on the Grand Ten. We’ll be taking a look at the Ten Commandments and how they lead us to live a life bigger than anything this world wants for us. See you this Friday! This is the final week to pre order shirts! Pre-orders are going for $10 each! Regular price will be $12. Bring cash or make a check out to Journey Evangelical Church.

Schedule Change this week!

Hey everyone! This Friday we will have youth group from 7pm to 9pm! Dinner will be available at 6:30 if you want to hang out with us early. Bring some friends us as Andrew gives a talk on how we can follow God into the grand adventure He has planned for us. We are now accepting pre-orders for T-shirts! Pre-orders are going for $10 each! Regular price will be $12. Bring cash or make a check out to Journey Evangelical Church.

Live Grander!

Hey everyone. This Friday we’re going to take a look at challenges people have faced over history at living a grand life, and how to overcome. Following God’s grand plan is worth it! See you this Friday at 7:30. We are now accepting pre-orders for T-shirts! Pre-orders are going for $10 each! Regular price will be $12. Bring cash or make a check out to Journey Evangelical Church.

Lip Dub this Friday!

We’re having life groups this Friday, with a Lip Dub at Journey starting at 6:30pm. We’ll wrap up around 9:30pm. Dinner is provided. See you Friday!