Youth Ministries

We’re students becoming disciples of Jesus to share the Good News in our community. We meet Friday nights at 7:30pm, Sundays at 9:15am, and enjoy retreats and outings throughout the year. Come join us!

Recent Posts:

Soma Continues

Hey everyone! Have you ever noticed how something can encourage one person, but discourage another? How do we go about encouraging each other in such a diverse body? Join us this Friday as we continue our Soma series and learn how to walk alongside one another See you Friday!

You + Friday = Soma.

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re continuing our Soma series. We’ll be exploring what it means to be different, yet together. See you Friday!

Body Acceptance

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re continuing our Soma series. We’ll be exploring what it means to truly accept one another as members of Christ’s body. See you Friday!

Laser Tag this Friday!

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re playing laser tag. We will be meeting at Laser Quest in Fullerton at 7pm for games and pizza. Pickup time will be 9pm.  The address is 229 E Orangethorpe Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832.  Pizza will be served at 8:30pm, so eat a snack before arriving! Cost will be $15/student. Bring cash or write a check to Journey Evangelical Church.  Parents, you are invited to dinner at the Wong residence in Fullerton for a discussion on understanding your students’ social media use. Reply to this message if you need the address.

Welcome to the Soma

Hey everyone! We’re kicking off our Soma series this Friday. What is Soma, you ask? Well, it’s the Greek word for “Body,” and it’s a church wide movement to become the kind of people who together live like Jesus. Join us this Friday for our very first Soma meeting!

Journey’s Got Talent!

This Friday is Journey’s Got Talent! We’ll be having a talent show featuring many of YOU! Dinner is at 6:15pm, with the show beginning at 7pm. The evening will conclude at 9pm. See you Friday!

Grand Ten VII

This Friday we’re getting back to our Grand Ten series, looking at Exodus 20:14. What just is adultery? What criteria does God have about sexual expression, and happens when God’s view and the world’s view collide? Join us this Friday as we learn about the best way to live by following the God who made us.

Grand Ten VI

This Friday we’re getting back to our Grand Ten series, looking at Exodus 20:13. Now you might think that it’s easy for you to follow a command to not murder, but we’ve all broken this! Join us this Friday as we dig into the heart of the matter and how our daily lives can be grand lives.

Baby Shower and Forest Home info!

Party time! Hi everyone! This Friday is we’ll be having a baby shower for Victoria Siu! Join us at 6:30pm for food, fun, and fellowship. See you there. – Elliott PS: T-shirts have arrived! $12 gets you some new soft swag. FOREST HOME INFO! We will be eating lunch at Journey after church this Sunday, and heading up to Forest Home. Be sure to arrive by 12pm. We should be back at Journey on Friday August 4 around 3pm. JRHI, your color is RED. Bring red accessories. High School, your color is SILVER! Bring silver/grey accessories. Also, your dinner theme will be the Roaring 20’s. Parents! You can keep track of the fun using the Forest Home App. It’s only for IOS (Apple), so be sure to pester Forest Home about making one for Android. Also! Students will not be able to use their phones during camp and most of us won’t have reception anyway, so if you must contact your student you can call Forest Home. 909.389.2300 Pack: Sleeping bag Clothes that could be potentially ruined Good shoes for the mountains Swim suit Sunscreen Pillow Towel Bible Pen Sandals Clothes Toiletries A bit of cash for lunch on the way back ($7)

Grand Ten IV: The Sabbath

This week we’re continuing our adventures in the Ten Commandments! We’ve discovered that anytime God asks us to do something, it’s for our benefit. So what about the Sabbath? Is it possible for us to take an entire day away from school and work? Are our lives going to implode into a burning heap of failure if we spend time with God instead of things we’re graded on? Find out this Friday as we study the Sabbath together.