Youth Ministries

We’re students becoming disciples of Jesus to share the Good News in our community. We meet Friday nights at 7:30pm, Sundays at 9:15am, and enjoy retreats and outings throughout the year. Come join us!

Recent Posts:

Where do you draw the line?

This week we’re continuing our series on Relationship Basics. We’ve received questions along the lines of, “How far is too far?” How do I know if I’ve crossed a line? Also, what’s God’s plan for the single person? Am I just supposed to wait around, or does God have me single for a reason? Discover all this and more on Friday!

Bad Relationship Advice

As we discuss the basics of relationships this week, we’re going to talk about some bad advice. Should I follow my heart? Is it better to be miserable than to be alone? Should I date someone hoping they will change? Should I date just to get free food? Should my s/o be my only friend? Should I dress more feminine/masculine so they’ll like me? Should I compromise my convictions so they’ll stay with me? Join us this Friday as we discuss these, and more!

Relationship Basics

Hey everyone! This week we’re starting a new series called Relationship Basics. How do the ideas of justice, mercy, and walking humbly with God apply to relationships? What does the Bible say about dating, drama, friends, and family? Join us this Friday as we explore the basics of living in relationships

Love Mercy

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re continuing our journey through Micah 6:8. We’ve learned about justice, but what about mercy? How can we show kindness to those we think don’t deserve it? See you this Friday as we learn to love mercy.

Guest Sharing Time.

Hey everyone! This Friday we will be hearing from special guests Ivan and Stephanie Ling. They have served God across the globe, and are currently in the area after their most recent stay in North Africa. Ivan and Steph will be sharing about how they do the basics of following Jesus. See you Friday!

Christmas Party!

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re having our Christmas service event and party. We’ll be starting early at 5:30pm to put together gifts for the teachers at Hayden Elementary, and starting our potluck dinner at 6:30! Sign up for the potluck here. We’ll also be having a white elephant gift exchange! Bring a wrapped present that you either are bringing from home, or something you purchase that is worth $5 or less. The activities will wrap up (ha ha) around 9pm, and we’ll be hanging out until 10!

Bring your faves.

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re having a board game night! This is your chance to introduce your favorite games to your friends at Journey. Bring one, two, or three of your best board games (and best friends too). See you Friday!

Hearing God’s Call

Hey everyone! Has God ever asked you to do something that you just didn’t want to do? This Friday we’re starting a brand new series on following God when He asks something hard. We’re going to open by looking at the story of Jonah, and discover together what it means to trust God when you’re sure about what He’s doing. See you Friday!

What would you like to know?

Hey everyone! This Friday we’re back at Journey and having a Questions and Answer Night! We’ve been collecting your questions and will be giving you time to provide even more. Want to know about school? Work? Relationships? The Bible? Marvel spoilers? We’re here to help! See you Friday.

Journey’s Got Talent

Hey everyone! This Friday is Journey’s Got Talent! Come see your friends perform live on our stage! Dinner is at 6:15pm, and the show begins right away at 7. Bring your friends. See you there!