Final Message on Doctrine!  The Week:  The Lordship of Jesus Christ!

You’ll hear this phrase often in Churches:  “Jesus is Lord!”  But what does it mean?  What claim does Jesus have on our lives and what is its extent?  TPRhis is important because our culture continually plummets with messages like:  “Be your own person!”  “Don’t let anyone or any religion tell you what you should think, believe or do. You decide what is right and wrong for you.”  “You are the Captain of your ship.” “There is no absolute truth. Trust is whatever works for you.” 

In theological circles the conversation is a bit different.  In seminaries across our count you’ll hear: “The Holy Spirit is speaking a new Word.” ‘That was Paul!  Paul was a racist, sexist, homophobe who let his culture influence his theology.”  “We need to progress past the Apostles and Jesus. We can’t let the Church become stuck in the 1st century. God is unveiling new truth. Revelation is progressive and new light is shining and we need to move forward.”

So what are we to do?  It’s clear Christians are confused and being influenced by the world because according to all leading moral and social indicators followers of Jesus are just as likely to divorce, have an affair,  be driven by the need to achieve, give money and its acquisition too much influence over their lives, have sex before marriage, view pornography, and give 2% of their income to charity (or Church). Is there a disconnect between what we say we believe and how we live?  Is faith in Jesus a category of my life, something relegated to Sunday or does Jesus want more or deserve more?  Who exactly is He anyway?

We will look at all of this on Sunday!

Pastor Richard