RevelationThe Book of Revelation                            June 5 – August 14th

You don’t want to miss this elective.  People have a lot of questions about the future. Many film makers are diving in the topic with varying takes on the future. In fact this Memorial Weekend another X-men movie is being released and the subtitle?  Apocalypse!

Most films present a pretty bleak outlook on to the future.  What does the Bible say about the end?  Is the end bleak and as dark as current filmmakers foresee.  The answers to these questions and others  are locked within the Book of Revelation!  The problem is the book is written in code. To answer these questions you need to know the book is written in code and you need to know how to decipher that code – which we will,  It’s been decoded for a long time but that information has not been passed down very well. 

Come and discover how to crack the code and then learn the powerful message this book brings to the Church. The message is universal, timeless and much needed today!     

To register for the elective email me: and note which time – 9:15am or 12:15pm. The elective and participant’s guide is free!  The community is welcome as well and inviting friends is always encouraged!!