Hey everyone! Forest Home is 5 days away! Here’s a reminder of all the info you’ll need to remember.

Junior high will be the Yellow team. This means you will want to bring yellow things to wear. The brighter the better. 

High school will be the Blue team. Also, high school will have a special dinner that is black and white themed. So pack lots of blue things, and one black and white outfit.

We will be leaving Journey this Sunday at 1:15pm. Please arrive before 1pm. Lunch will be provided at 12pm if your students would like to eat with the group beforehand.

We will be arriving back at Journey on Friday August 3 around 12:30pm.

Here’s what’s suggested to pack:

– Clothes for 5 days.
– Extra clothes anyway.
– Swimming clothes.
– Toiletries and towel.
– Sleeping bag and pillow.
– Sunscreen.
– Shoes and sandals.
– Bible and pen.
– Flashlight.
– Water bottle.

See you Friday!
– Elliott