Are you a king?

Food for thought….Did you know the Early Church did not have any political clout with Rome. Rome was not a democracy; it was ruled by an Emperor.  Christians  could not use the political system to legislate anything.  We have the ability to influence the vote and legislate morality because our form of government gives us voice to make a difference.  The Early Church, with no political power, ended up transforming a pagan culture within 200 years, while we, with political power, have lost our ability to affect significant moral and legislative change.  So how did they accomplish what we hoped to but haven’t?  They preached Christ crucified!   They won hearts and souls before trying to win at the ballot box.  If we want to bring about the same social change we need to do the same.  We need to trust the power of the Gospel over the power of political action. It’s the difference between the way of Jesus and the way of Barabbas!

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