Chinese Ministry – 橙縣華人長老教會-中文堂:

We are Cantonese and Mandarin speaking Christians and truth-seekers from Asia: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and whomever enjoys fellowship with us.

我們是一群講廣東話或國語的基督徒和追求真理的朋友們,從亞洲國家而來 (香港、 越南、 臺灣或中國);還有所有喜歡與我們在一起團契的人。

We seek to fulfill God’s five purposes for our lives together with other Christians: worship, spiritual growth, service, fellowship, and sharing the good news. Our purposes are to bring people to Lord Jesus Christ, help them become children of God in His family, develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them for ministry in the Church and life mission in the world, in order to magnify God’s name.

我們想與其他的基督徒一起同心同行地完成神給我們的五個使命: 崇拜、 靈命成長、 服事、 團契和分享福音。我們的目標是要領人認識主耶穌基督,成為神的兒女,在基督裏成長丶成熟,裝備他們在教會和在世界各地事奉神和榮耀神的名。

Join us!

我們希望接觸任何講粵語或國語的人、 朋友或親戚;或任何人想與我們在一起多認識主耶穌和真理的人。


Pastor Paul Eng is the Chinese Ministry pastor. He has served as a pastor for over 15 years in the USA. He received a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Philosophy. In addition, Pastor Paul teaches in Chinese seminaries as an adjunct faculty. His goal is to help create and develop mature disciples of our Lord Jesus and to glorify God.

吳保羅牧師是現任橙縣華人長老教會中文堂的牧師。 他在美國牧養教會逾十五年及擔任信徒領袖逾十一年。 他取得道學碩士與哲學博士學位。他兼任神學院客座講師。他的事奉目標是幫助慕道朋友認識主耶穌和造就弟兄姊妺成為主的門徒來榮耀神。


Journey Evangelical Church – Chinese Ministry


Sunday Service:10:30 am; Prayer meeting and a luncheon are held following worship service.


Contact: Pastor Paul Eng

Office: 714-893-5500