Bible Study Series

2020 Adult Bible Hour Schedule: Reading/Resources

As a follow-up to our February Congregational Meeting, Session asking all to study and pray regarding our Journey/ECO denomination issue, below is a list of reading/resources to help you learn.

Do I Need To Know Theology? What Kind of Church Is Journey?

History of the Protestant Church
1. RightNow Media – A Man Named Martin: Part 2 & 3

Presbyterian Beliefs, Reformed Theology & Governance
1. RightNow Media
a) TULIP: Pursuit of God’s Glory in Salvation; John Piper
b) Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology; R.C. Sproul
2. – Systematic Theology; Wayne Grudem
3. – The Book of Confessions

ECO Essential Tenets, Sacraments & Polity
1. – ECO Constitution: Essential tenets, Polity, and Rules of Discipline

Overview of Protestant Denominations; Q & A

RightNow Media – A huge library of faith-based videos you can access whenever you want. Sign-up for FREE. Contact Pastor Samuel: Samuel@Journey

Questions regarding the Adult Bible Study schedule contact Moon Lee:

Resources: (click on the below links for more information)

What do Presbyterians Believe?

  1. Part 1: Theology PresbyBelievePt1
  2. Part 2: Governance PresbyBelievePt2

ECO Essential Tenets: ECO Essential Tenets,

ECO Constitution: eco_constitution_online6.14.19