Bible Study Series

Journey Denomination Discernment class.

WEEK OF JUNE 18, 2020: Greetings,

For this week, we continue our discernment of possible Protestant denominations that Journey may align with and look at Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).

I’ve attached five ECC resources:

  1. Covenant Affirmation
  2. A Look at Covenant Distinctions
  3. Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Infant Baptism and Dedication
  5. Women in Ministry

This finally completes our discernment class! If you missed or like to review past class materials, you may do so at:

Regrettably, for last part of this class we were not able to talk & discuss in the classroom these important topics! But if there’s any questions please contact me. If there’s interest in class discussion, we can arrange a Zoom class meeting through Yolonda. Let me now if this may be helpful or you’d just like to do this? Hopefully, Journey will open up again soon for classes.

In the meantime, continue to study and to seek God for what kind of church he desires us to be.

Please share this class information with others to help in our discernment for Journey’s future.

Aloha, Moon (

WEEK OF JUNE 10, 2020: Greetings

For this week we continue with our Discernment Class by looking at another Protestant denomination: Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

Next week we’ll explore Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).

Please find the following EPC resources on Journey’s website ( Studies):

  1. Process for Inquiring Congregation
  2. Essentials of Our Faith
  3. The Westminster Shorter Catechism
  4. EPC Ordination/Vows for Ruling Elders and Deacons
  5. Ordination Of Women
  6. What It Means To “Receive And Adopt” The Westminster Standards
  7. The Book of order of the EPC
  8. Value Added by the EPC Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest

May you continue to study the Scriptures to know God to have life (John 5:39).

Aloha, Moon

WEEK OF JUNE  2, 2020

We’ve framed this class around two questions:

   Do I need to know Theology? Hopefully, you can answer in the affirmative (see John 6:39, 1 Cor 10:31) after your study of the previous assigned class reading & resources!

  What kind of church is Journey? You’ve been discerning this by your studies. To also help answer this question, we’ll be looking into some Protestant Denominations that Journey might possibly align with.

For this week, let’s look at Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Attached please find reading & resources to get you started. In following weeks, we’ll explore further with: Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and then  Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).

Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

2020 Adult Bible Hour Schedule: Reading/Resources

As a follow-up to our February Congregational Meeting, Session asking all to study and pray regarding our Journey/ECO denomination issue, below is a list of reading/resources to help you learn.

Do I Need To Know Theology? What Kind of Church Is Journey?

History of the Protestant Church
1. RightNow Media – A Man Named Martin: Part 2 & 3

Presbyterian Beliefs, Reformed Theology & Governance
1. RightNow Media
a) TULIP: Pursuit of God’s Glory in Salvation; John Piper
b) Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology; R.C. Sproul
2. – Systematic Theology; Wayne Grudem
3. – The Book of Confessions

ECO Essential Tenets, Sacraments & Polity
1. – ECO Constitution: Essential tenets, Polity, and Rules of Discipline

Overview of Protestant Denominations; Q & A

RightNow Media – A huge library of faith-based videos you can access whenever you want. Sign-up for FREE. Contact Pastor Samuel: Samuel@Journey

Questions regarding the Adult Bible Study schedule contact Moon Lee:

Resources: (click on the below links for more information)

What do Presbyterians Believe?

  1. Part 1: Theology PresbyBelievePt1
  2. Part 2: Governance PresbyBelievePt2

ECO Essential Tenets: ECO Essential Tenets,

ECO Constitution: eco_constitution_online6.14.19