College Mentors

Want to mentor a college student? You’ve come to the right place!

As a mentor for a college student, you will help them connect with our congregation and work toward finding their identity as a child of God. You will do this through building a relationship with them as you talk about life and help them set personal goals.

Once you’ve gone through the training and turned in the paperwork, we will work towards connecting you with a college student.

Step 1: Download the Training Document.

Step 2: Watch our three training videos.




Step 3: Prayerfully consider signing and returning the Mentor Covenant.
Hand it in or email it to Pastor Elliott Siu,

As you mentor your student, you can choose to go through a book study with them to help provide content to discuss. I recommend The Purpose Driven Life for younger Christians, and The Screwtape Letters for those who have been walking with God for a while. I’ve also heard great things about Multiply.