The Gift of Joy

Watch “A Christmas Carol” this week. The film illustrates all the points from this week’s message.  Which version? I like the 1970 musical version with Albert Finney.  Film critics all agree that the 1951 version (black and white) with Alistair Sims as Scrooge was the best adaptation of the book to date.  It is a very good version.  The film that is most faithful to the book is the 1999 version with Patrick Stewart.  Renee and family find the Muppet version to be the best.  Others after church noted that the F. Scott Fitzgerald or the 1935 version are also fine works.  I’d encourage you to watch a version you’ve never seen.  Each one has it’s strengths.  The 1999 version has the best Bob Cratchit and best Jacob Marley. The 1970’s version has the best performance overall of Scrooge and his redemption. It is the most joyful of the versions.  The Muppet film is just plain fun and great for young and old alike. The 1970 film has the best Tiny Tim and many emotionally moving scenes.  Pick one. Pop it in and enjoy.  Let it speak to your heart and shape it! 

Merry Christmas!  See you next week.  Anyone else have a favorite version?