“There is no intimacy without finalities”

Someone asked after service:  “In a relationship, don’t the parties involved have to adapt to each other?” I said, “Yes.”  The personWho's Afraid of Doctrine responded, “All I heard was about how we had to adapt to God’s finalities. Sounded like we have to give in to God all the time and He doesn’t have to change at all. How fair is that?”

That’s a good question!  You are right.  In an intimate relation, like a marriage, both parties have to give and take and adapt to each other.  But hasn’t God indeed adapted to us already? Didn’t He leave His home, put on our humanity, and live among the squalor we call earth? Didn’t he adapt his language to our language and speak to us in ways we can understand? Moreover, didn’t he adapt His sinless life to our sinful life, taking our sin upon Himself? Dsidn’t He die the death we should have died so we could live the life we should have lived but didn’t? 

Furthermore, if we believe that God has put His Spirit in us, then doesn’t that mean wherever we go He goes with us?  Think of all the places you have dragged God?  Some places I know he didn’t mind but I’m sure there were also places He did mind, even shuttered at because it was so contrary to His nature. And didn’t you hear Him whisper to you:  “You shouldn’t be here!”  “Come on let’s get out of here!” or perhaps he said, “I don’t want to see that!”  “Please don’t respond that way!” And yet we dragged Him to those places whether He wanted to go or not, and as a good spouse He patiently put up with us, prodding us to better places, better sites, better responses.

So yes God has adapted to us! More than we will ever know.  And like a good spouse he pulls us to healthier choices and better decisions. Yet despite what we actually do, he remains faithful to us. He never leaves us or forsakes us no matter how much muck and mire we drag Him into.  He will not let us go because He loves us.  God has adapted to us and He adapts to us everyday. But are you adapting to Him with the same grace and faithfulness? And are you responding to His tug on your arm and heart:  “Let’s go over here. This is better for you!”?

Pastor Richard