Winter Camp this weekend!

There is snow at the Oaks.


It’s finally happening! This weekend we will be journeying to the Oaks Camp and Conference center for our winter camp! I’m putting the finishing touches on the camp program. Here are a few things to review before Friday:

1. We are meeting Friday at Journey at 12:45pm. Eat lunch before you come to Journey.
2. There is SNOW! Bring warm clothes, shoes, mittens, scarves, tauntauns, and anything else to keep you from dying in the cold.
3. Pack your own toiletries, pillow, sleeping bag, towels, Bible, and pens. We will be sleeping indoors in heated cabins.
4. Parents – please do not text/call your students. Electronics are banned except for camera use and taking notes during messages. If you have an emergency call the Oaks at (661) 724-1018.
5. We plan to arrive back at Journey around 4:30pm. Students will be able to contact parents when they are on the bus on the way back to give an ETA.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!